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About Us

Welcome to Occhineri Guitars. High quality, handmade, collectable electric guitars that play and sound as good as they look. You will find gorgeous and exotic guitars on this site, all hand-crafted by skilled guitar maker Peter A. Occhineri at our shop in Connecticut.

Each guitar is created individually (about three a month) with great attention to detail and feel so that each guitar is unique. You are buying a guitar that is handmade from start to finish - all custom work done in one shop. As we build the guitar, we shape it and feel the guitar through it's many stages to get the best action and tone. Everything is taken into consideration in building the guitars including the finest woods and finishes.

If you want a unique and playable piece of art, this is it. Years of playing and research on what makes an electric guitar great come full circle in crafting our guitars. They speak for themselves in tone, sustain and just a full richness that you can't find in mass-produced instruments. We take pride in building the best sounding and looking guitars you can buy.