Made In USA


"For guitarists finding the right luthier is like finding someone to cut your hair. It's really a trust thing because so many things can go wrong. I could go on and on about how much I love my Occhineri Firebird but I can sum it up by saying this - try one. The Occhineri name is synonymous with expert guitar craftsmanship. You can tell they love what they do and that they listen to guitar players. Get one!"

- Robbie Sambat

"My custom Occhineri single cut fully exceeded my expectations. The difference between this instrument and the many factory guitars I’ve known is substantial. Craftsmanship and finish are high level and playability is outstanding, but tremendous responsivity and a control of of nuance urging me to play “deeper” are qualities that set this guitar apart. It is a joy to play. Five stars for an involving and fascinating instrument with great expressive range!"

—Joe Roberts
35 year amateur player

"Played my new guitar for three hours last night! It is awesome! Cant wait for band rehearsal tonite and play it through my half stack. Thanks again Pete!"

—Rocky S.
Bristol CT

"Still playing and loving my "Occhineri" guitar! Everyone is amazed with the corian fret-board and what looks like a "Floating neck." I'm still wanting your Firebird type... PLEASE build more guitars! Love your creations and I'm always hoping you will have something new!"

—Ted Macdonald

"My custom Occhineri guitar is shaped like an L6S. Beautiful top, thick neck. just perfect!"

- Kevin Kalagher